Palestra ‘Biogenic residues for the production of advanced biofuels – Germany and Portugal potential’


No dia 2 de junho, pelas 14:30h, irá decorrer online Palestra ‘Biogenic residues for the production of advanced biofuels – Germany and Portugal potential’, por Karl-Friedrich Cyffka.


A Palestra será proferida em inglês. As inscrições são gratuitas, mediante registo prévio.

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Ciclo de Palestras 2022

Biogenic residues for the production of advanced biofuels – Germany and Portugal potential

Dia 2 de junho de 2022, das 14:30h às 15:30h




Germany and Portugal potential’s comparison and insights about RED II transposition in Germany and in Portugal: some recommendations.

  1. Overview about DBFZ research centre
  2. Broad comparison of quantification methods for biogenic residues between DBFZ (Germany) und studies in Portugal
  3. Estimation and comparison of the respective national potentials of biogenic residues for the production of advanced biofuels (Annex IX part A) to the EU-COM targets (2,2% energetic, reference transport sector)
  4. Comparison of political and regulatory circumstances for advanced biofuel production and targets (REDII implementation) for reaching GHG reduction targets in Germany and Portugal.

Nota biográfica:

Karl-Friedrich Cyffka started working at DBFZ (Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum) in 2016 in a project for the implementation of a national monitoring of biogenic residues and wastes. For the master thesis in Sustainable Development he conducted an assessment on the topic “EU Targets of Advanced Biofuels for Germany: Analysis of Resource Base and Optimal Technological Utilization”. In the beginning of 2019 began working at DBFZ as a research associate in the working group of resource mobilisation within the energy systems department. From November 2019 until June 2021 was delegated to work at the bioenergy department in the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) where was involved in advising on RED II implementation,  Greenhouse Gas Quota (GHG quota) for emissions’ reduction in the transport sector, National Plan on Energy and Climate (NECP), and climate policy measures on the reduction of climate gases from animal manure.

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